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Archive Year 1 - Dragonfly Class 2019/2020

Storytime with Mrs Kerrigan - Tiddler by Julia Donaldson

Please click the link below to hear the story.

VE Day Celebrations

It was lovely to see all the fantastic things you were doing for VE Day. Well done for your flags, biscuits, decorations and bunting!

A great effort Dragonfly class!


Home working

A big well done from Mrs Kerrigan for your amazing efforts with your school work and daily tasks!

She has been so impressed with your work and has loved seeing your photos!

Thank you!


Storytime with Mrs Kerrigan - Bear in the Air!

Please click on the link below to hear the story.



VE Day Assembly - Dragonfly Class

Please click on the link below to view the assembly.




Dragonfly Class still hard at work!


Mrs Kerrigan has been so pleased to keep receiving photos of you all working and playing hard at home.

Everyday she sets you a challenge alongside your daily class work and so many of you have enjoyed participating in these.


Thank you for all doing so well and Mrs Kerrigan loves to receive your messages and photos so please keep sending them!

Take care, keep smiling and stay safe!


Here are some of the daily challenges and school work completed:

School work & Creative

Having a toy tea party

Saving our world posters

Decorate a hardboiled egg

Storytime with Mrs Kerrigan - The Giraffe who could not walk.


Please click on the link below to view the video.




Dragonfly Class working from home

Mrs Kerrigan is very pleased to see how hard you are all still working at home, you really are producing some lovely work. Here are some examples of the recent topics and daily challenges covered.


Cooking and Creative

Reading Dens


St Georges Day & Sock Dragons

School work

Storytime with Mrs Kerrigan - Honey Biscuits

Please click on the link below to see the video. Thank you.





Earth Day - Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Yesterday was Earth Day and Dragonfly class were set the challenge of doing as many things as they could to help save the planet. Oscar really embraced the challenge by turning lights off, planting seeds, saving water, turning heating off and recycling rubbish. Well done Oscar!

Dragonfly class working from home

Mrs Kerrigan is enjoying seeing all the fantastic work going on and that you are being very creative too. Keep up the good work Dragonfly!

Kingston Maurward school trip

On Friday Dragonfly class had a really lovely day at Kingston Maurward. The children were able to meet the lambs, feed the Guinea Pigs and visit other farm animals. They also learned about food chains. The sun was shining and it was a super school trip!



In Science we have been learning about different materials and their properties. On Wednesday the children had to choose the best material to make Dudley an umbrella, from fabric, a plastic bag, cardboard and tissue paper. We then did an experiment to find out the best one. Poor Dudley got a bit wet!!

Design and Technology

In Design and Technology the children have to design their own cold dessert (trifle) and then make it. They had great fun choosing what fruit, jelly, custard, cream and toppings they wanted for their own creations! They did look good!!

World Book Day

Today was World Book Day and we have all been 'wowed' by the children's costumes! It was such a fun day seeing everyone dressed up. Dragonfly children wrote their own versions of the Faraway Tree and created their own land to visit at the top of the tree and also made some lovely book marks for them to use.


Art with Mr Plumbley

During our Art session with Mr Plumbley this week the children were very creative again. They had to papier mache a dragon's head, make elephants using milk cartons, weave fins for some cardboard fish, and paint a dinosaur! How amazing!

Book Fair

Last week we had a Book Fair at school and the children really enjoyed investigating the different books and buying some too!

Learning to tell the time

We have been learning to tell the time this week and the children were very clever and managed to make 'o' clock and half past times using their own clocks.

Shrove Tuesday

Last week Dragonfly enjoyed learning about Shrove Tuesday and had great fun making, eating and tossing pancakes!



Lewis from YTFC encouraged the children to work in pairs and teams this week. They had to use a hoop to move with a friend and also a 'noodle' to balance on their heads and carry a ball with a partner! It was a fun PE lesson!

Dragonfly class have been learning about multiplication this week using arrays. They used the multi-link cubes to make groups and then multiplied them.

Dragonfly have had a busy few weeks!

Today we celebrated Chinese New Year. We made Dragon masks and watched Minnow class parade with their amazing Dragon in the corridor. We tried some Chinese food (Rice and Prawn Crackers) and even ate them with chop sticks! It was another busy but fun day!



Dragonfly had another art session with Mr Plumbly. He is so creative and the children were helping him with some amazing displays. They had an afternoon of sticking and painting and we can't wait to see their handy work on the walls soon!



In Maths this week we have been weighing items and learning about heavier and lighter. It was fun to weigh the different fruit and vegetables and to estimate how many cubes they would be!


Yeovil Town FC

Yeovil Town FC came in and ran a PE session on Tuesday, the children enjoyed playing Cat and Mouse and Stuck in the Mud. They were learning how to move in different ways.


On Tuesday Dragonfly class enjoyed meeting Nick and his bugs!

He talked about the different insects and creatures and the children were very brave and held some of them too! Mrs Kerrigan even got to hold a tarantula!


As part of our Science topic of plants and to link in with our story of Jack and the Beanstalk, the children planted their own bean plants. We hope they don't get too big!!

Africa Day

Last week we had Africa Day and all the children participated in different activities, such as necklace making, African dance, African art and hat making. They all tasted some African food and we performed the Waka Waka at the end of the day! It was very colourful with the children dressed in the different African flag colours and some even wore more traditional dress. They all looked great and it was such fun!

Born in a Barn Christmas Play

This year, our Nativity was called Born in a barn. The children worked really hard learning their lines and all of the different songs. They put on a great show to parents and we were all very proud of them. A big thank you to parents for helping with costumes and the learning of lines. Merry Christmas.


Darrell the artist

Dragonfly class had an afternoon helping Darrell the artist make a giant beanstalk for the school. We loved all the sticking! It will look fantastic when it's finished. 

Keith the magician

We loved Keith the magician, who very kindly came and entertained us all on Thursday afternoon. 


Christmas Jumper Day and Christmas Dinner

On Wednesday we had a charity Christmas jumper day and thoroughly enjoyed our delicious Christmas dinner at lunchtime!

Helicopter visit

We had such a surprise today (Tuesday 10th December) when a helicopter landed on our school field! Inside were two elves who came to collect the children's letters for Father Christmas. It was so exciting to see them!

Space Day

Space Day on Wednesday was so much fun and we learned lots too! We had some amazing costumes, stars, aliens, astronauts and characters from Space films. We enjoyed watching a clip of Tim Peake in the Space Station. We then had an hour in the pop-up planetarium and found out all about light and dark and the planets in our solar system.  In the afternoon we had lots of space activities.

Remembrance Day

On the 11th November we remembered the brave soldiers and made poppies for the front of the school.


On Monday we had Gary from Carymoor come and talk to us about helping the environment. We learned about reducing, reusing and recycling. Dragonfly class were given the task of sort bags of(clean!) rubbish into the correct containers. They did really well and Gary was very impressed!

Montacute Gardens

On Wednesday Dragonfly class had a fantastic morning in Montacute Gardens. We looked for signs of Autumn and then did a scavenger hunt. We then did some super Forest School activities using leaves and sticks, such as an Autumn picture and leaf animal designs.

Guide Dog

We were really pleased to see India the guide dog in training with her trainer Iris on Monday.We learned all about how they are trained and what needs to be done to take care of them. We thought she was gorgeous and very clever. We all enjoyed a patting her.

Yeovil Town

In Geography the children have been thinking about our town, Yeovil. They made a 3D model of all the facilities we have in our town, like the hospital, police station, and school.


In RE the children have learned about Labyrinths. They found out that they are used for reflection and having quiet moments to think.


All the children worked hard using the ipads and Laptops for Computing. They were learning how to type sentences using capital letters and full stops.

3 Little Pigs story

Dragonfly class enjoyed having a 3 Little Pigs story in the fairy-tale tent with Mrs Denman.

Alpaca visit

This morning we loved seeing and learning about some Alpacas. We were able to help feed them and stroke them. They were lovely.

Art with Mr Plumbley

Dragonfly class enjoyed another afternoon working with Mr Plumbley creating his Handa's surprise display. There was lots of cutting, sticking and glueing!

Bear Hunt

Last week we went on a Bear Hunt around the school grounds! The children followed the footprints to find the bear hiding behind our bug house!


During PE lessons the children have been practising different movements. They were making high, medium and low movements around the hall.